Toni Cannon

About Me


         Toni Cannon, is a CMP who integrates several modalities, including Thai Massage, Shiatsu, Swedish and Deep Tissue, into a personalized session for each person to help them release stress, tension and postural imbalances. Always an athlete, he first received massage when he was 16 years old and never turned back. He understands from first hand experience the physical stress sports training puts on the body. He especially loves to work with athletes, but less active clients can benefit from the way he encourages healthy movement. Toni started practicing yoga in 2010 and became a certified yoga instructor shortly thereafter to deepen his own practice. Currently Toni trains and performs as an acrobat and teaches partner acrobatics and flexibility classes in Oakland. He incorporates his own understanding for the body into his massage therapy work. He loves helping people feel better and enjoys being a massage therapist, because the relationship he has with his clients encourages him to be healthy and keeps him away from a sedentary 9-5 lifestyle. Toni is currently finishing up the core program at the National Holistic Institute.